The Horses of the Apocalypse paintings present a critical view of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. My work embodies the Persian rug through the stylistic recreation of Syrian Tribal Kilims. Each kilim is infused with various symbols that serve and cater to a unique purpose and tradition. War is the theme for Red Horse of the Apocalypse, and thus, the painting reflects this theme in its symbolic imagery. Yellow Horse is focused on famine, while Pale Horse is disease, and Black Horse, death; yet each piece follows the pattern for the symbols chosen.
My intention in these paintings is to portray the view of the refugee. The four depictions of the apocalypse are daily realities for a refugee. In each painting, a carousel horse is running scared for her safety. Although armored in her culture, she is terrified.
Additionally, the subject matter for each body of my work determines the materials used. For the “Rug Paintings” series, I use the opaque and matte Flashe Vinyl paint; a lush, velvety, highly pigmented medium, which mimics the colorful kilim rugs.